Anna was lovely, an amazing touch, good hands with the right pressure and flow throughout.

When booking my massage, Anna was very open, available, flexible and professional. The environment felt very pleasant and well prepared, clean, tidy and cosy. I felt completely held. Her touch was nice, I was really able to relax. I enjoyed the switch between gentle and deeper, it was very fluid and flowing which meant I could really relax. The massage was one of the best i’ve had recently – it felt really complete.

A dance with the hands.

It was a very, very relaxing massage – energy moving. Gentle and kind but at same time firm touch. I felt total acceptance and kindness from you.

As soon as I met Anna and walked into her calm, zen like space I felt completely relaxed and safe. She is so chilled and welcoming in a loving and light way. I know I am safe and in loving hands when I get on the massage table. I am warmed in winter and cooled in summer and have my feet washed with warm water. Every little detail is thought about to maximise comfort and calm both in the room, the atmosphere and the type and style of massage. Anna’s style is a lush mixture of firm bodywork and calming, releasing moves that generally leave me in another world! Coming out of a session is being rejuvenated and ready for anything. The manicness of London living fades away and deep centredness allows new focus and insight. I have recommended her time and time again to friends and relatives as she is a total gem of a therapist.

I liked the quality of touch – quite exquisite.

Warm hands! Lovely vigorous strokes. Anna responded to my problem areas. Great joint mobilisation and focussed pressure where needed.

A lovely intuitive massage with attention to all the parts we’d discussed. She has very healing hands and great sensitivity.

Felt like being massaged by a big warm stone – intense, nice, quite powerful.

It really worked for my shoulders. Past experiences of massage have been quite brutal and I realise now, it’s not necessary…I’m surprised how deep it felt.

Anna is an incredibly intuitive and deceptively strong massage therapist. I always leave feeling as though something has really shifted and my body feels more alive and my areas of chronic pain much less uncomfortable after a massage with her.

Anna has a very calm, peaceful presence and creates a gorgeous, relaxing environment for her clients. She put me at ease in a situation where I have a tendency to feel uncomfortable. She has skilful hands: I enjoy the massage and notice the difference to my health afterwards.

I felt like Anna paid attention to each part of me, the whole body looked after.